Spaceship Storage Rules

Rules 1: Pack responsibly
You are to ensure that your items are packed safely in a manner that ensures your items can be transported and stored without damage. We assume no liability for damage during transportation.
Rule 2: The following items shall not pass
  • Firearms, explosives, flammables and any hazardous items
  • High value items including antiques, fine art, fine wine, bullion, precious stones, etc.
  • Items that are highly fragile
  • Living items or perishable items
  • Stolen or illegal items
Rule 3: Let the Spaceman decide
We reserve the right to refuse to collect your items if they are not packed properly, exceed the weight of more than 20kg, or are too bulky and one person is unable to carry.
Rule 4: Deliveries & Appointments
While we try our best to meet the delivery appointment that suits you best, please be advised that we have capacity limits and there will be times when delivery slots are not available.
Our delivery team is available from Monday to Friday, 10am to 8pm and on Saturdays 10am to 2pm, excluding all public holidays.
Appointments for standard deliveries have to be scheduled 48 hours in advance. We try our best to accommodate urgent requests and if necessary, on Sundays and Public Holidays, but there will be extra surcharges. This again will be subjected to availability of our drivers and partner movers.

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