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Very! We are dedicated to making things simple for you. Traditional self storage providers typically only provide a storage space. You'll have to manage the transportation of your items to and from the storage facility, plus do all the heavy lifting and finding of items you want to retrieve. At Spaceship, we provide an all-in-one service. You items are inventorised, transported, received, and carefully placed in storage. Our team is well trained to ensure your items are stored safely, and occupying the least amount of space so that you'll end up paying less.
We have multiple storage facilities that are located in Singapore. Your items will be stored based on the availability of our facilities. We provide transportation and labour so you don't have to spend time traveling, sorting through items, and doing the heavy lifting.
Your items can only be retrieved on a box basis. Security and safety are our priority and your boxes will not be opened by us. When scheduling a retrieval, just indicate that you want us to collect the box back on the spot, we'll wait up to 15 mins for you to take the item(s) out before bringing the box back to storage.
Unfortunately, this is not possible. Public access is not allowed so as to keep our users' items safe.
Our boxes measure 60cm by 40cm by 34cm.
Our operating hours are 10am to 6pm from Monday to Friday, and 10am to 2pm on Saturday.

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We're here to help! Just let us know
spaceship's customer support person
We're here to help! Just let us know