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Protective Coverage

This plan includes free coverage against loss or damage to your items or premise when your items are handled, moved, and stored

  • For eligible damage or loss to items, coverage of up to $200 per item, at rate of $1.00 per kg per item
  • For eligible damage or loss to premise, coverage of up to $500 per location, deductibles of $80

Terms and exclusions apply. For more details, see our Protective Coverage Policy

Promotion Details

The “Monthly Recurring Subscription Fee” shown above is exclusive of the promotion. The promotion applied on your subscription is the “April 2022 - Flash Promotion *Extended*”, which provides a discount of 10% off your monthly storage fee for the first 3 billing cycles only when you sign up between 1st April 2022 to 31st December 2022.

  • Eligible Plans: Door to Door Storage – 20sqft (Closet) & 40sqft (Walk-In Closet) only.
  • The order must be placed, and full payment must be made before 31st December 2022
  • The subscription start date must be before 31 January 2023
  • If users’ collection exceeds 40sqft, the user’s subscription would be upgraded to the applicable plan and the discount will no longer be applied. The user would be required to top up for the differences in price(s).

Terms apply, click here for more details

Office with storage for ecommerce
Some details to take note

Protective Coverage and Liability

There are always risks of items suffering damages or losses while being handled, moved, and or stored. We strongly recommend that you do not move or store high value items

Your storage plan includes a free basic protective coverage against loss or damage to your items and your premise, during the move and or in storage. Conditions and exclusions apply.

Coverage amount:
For eligible loss or damage items, coverage of $1 per kg per item loss or damaged, up to $200 per item
For eligible damage to the premise, coverage of up to $500 per location of r repair works, with a deductible of $80 Total aggreate amount covered per User shall not exceed an aggregate of $1,500.

Example of exclusion Items
Example of exclusion types of damages

Spaceship’s liability is limited to the protective coverage. If we are negligent, which results in loss or damage to your items or premise, we will reimburse you based on the protective coverage amount.

For full details, refer to Spaceship’s Protective Policy

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Preferred Arrival Window

Office with storage for ecommerce


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